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You may think most of our reviews are positive. That’s kinda the point. We’re gonna post music any one of us likes. If there is a significant release in the scenes we cover, or a new release by an artist we traditionally cover, THEN negative reviews may come in. But really. Music is fun. This is fun. We don’t wanna write about un-fun things unless we feel obligated to.

Who we are

Steve Eldon Kerr is a long time nationless adonis from (depending on who you speak to) either the slums of Nairobi or the frozen tundra of Northern Greenland. He likes to have his cake  available for eating, but usually refuses to touch it. But seriously, he really lacks identity.

Matt May is a long time Rostam Batmanglij look-a-like who spends too much time listening to tapes from New Jersey record labels instead of attempting to convince girls that he is in a world famous indie rock band.

Arnold Kalmbach is a long time male. Male since the early 1990s he is also well known for coming from the Great Black Swamp ‘just outside of Boston’. He is also deeply and significantly cooler than Matt and Steve, and so will not be dealt the ignominy of a picture lookalike.

Ethan Scholl is our foreign correspondent, here to give this site a little bit of southern (via Maryland & New Jersey) charm. His dazzling prose should not be taken lightly-that’s a warning, and a promise.

Tim Beeler is the sultan of swing. An organizer and an organization. He lays his head on his pillow at night like the rest of us, and that pillow lays itself in the city of Montreal like some of us. He also may kind of look like that guy from The Morning Benders.

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