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Photo Credit: Louise B.

Not too long ago, I compiled a bunch of songs from Montreal-based bands that I loved for a buddy to get to know the excellence that is the city in which I know reside, and so I made From North Of America Vol. 1. This new volume to the series was put together by Arnold and myself, with kind input from Steve and Ethan, featuring some of our favorite new music coming out of Canada, as of the middle of November, 2010, with a focus on the place some of us like to call home – Montreal. These songs were chosen because we love them. We want you to love them too. Enjoy. [Full Disclaimer – mattmaynj plays bass guitar in ‘Count Us Among Your Many Friends’].


1. Homosexual Cops – ‘Why Do You Cry (Is It For Me)?’

2. Ultrathin – ‘Hazy Palms’

3. Devon Welsh – ‘Austin’

4. Long Long Long – ‘Cuba Gooding Jr.’

5. Pop Winds – ‘Perennial’

6. Blue Hawaii – ‘Blue Gowns’

7. Grimes – ‘Weregild’

8. D’EON – ‘Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand’

9. Diamond Rings – ‘All Yr Songs’

10. GOBBLE GOBBLE – ‘Lawn Knives’

11. Dead Wife – ‘Gentlemen Rapist’

12. Tonstartssbandht – ‘Shot To La Parc’

13. Count Us Among Your Many Friends – ‘Bell The Arrow’

14. Ismism – ‘Ananhedonialess’

15. Homo Duplex – ‘Winter Splinter’

16. Banana Lazuli – ‘Beans beans beans’

17. VILIFY – ‘Fresh Kill (abridged by Naldino)’

18. Sean Nicholas Savage – ‘Disco Dancing’


-All the bands and labels that continue to make and put out music we love.

-All the venues that let bands we love play and people we love congregate.

-All the blogs and sites that continue to post music we love.

-All our friends, whom we love.

-All our enemies, whom we love.

-You, whom we certainly love.

DOWNLOAD From North Of America Vol. 2 – Montreal And More


Celebrate Your Scene Vol. 1 – New Jersey

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So as I mentioned earlier, I cannot say enough good things about Titus Andronicus. So I will take this post to say as much good stuff about them and the rest of the current New Jersey music scene, sorry Bon Jovi fan(s), as reasonably tolerable. To demonstrate my true admiration for the music of my home state, I created this compilation to serve as an introduction to the great music coming out of New Jersey (mostly Bergen County, the county in which I reside). We have an ongoing series of mixtapes featuring music from Canada called From North Of America, and so I figured it would be appropriate to also have an ongoing series of music by local musicians from where we come from or used to live. I think it is important to celebrate your local music scene and this is my way of doing so. I hope you find some new music to enjoy.


Celebrate Your Scene Vol. 1 - New Jersey

TRACKLIST (Artist – Song)

1. VCR/Vice City Rockers – Christmas Calculator
2. Zona Mexicana – Bored And Boring
3. Sports – Rough Riders (Hardcore Parkour)
4. Fluffy Lumbers – Cruisers
5. Frat Dad – Brosef
6. Family Portrait – Mega Secrets
7. Real Estate – Suburban Beverage
8. Arches – Another Fading Memory
9. Andrew Cedermark – Hard Livin’
10. Ducktails – Let’s Rock The Beach
11. Big Troubles – Drastic and Difficult
12. Julian Lynch – Es’s
13. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks – Summer Song > Epilogue (Live At Silent Barn)
14. Adir Cohen – Moctezuma Song
15. Several Girls Galore – Good & Beautiful
16. Mighty Oak – Ides of March
17. Le Rug – The Loveless Fuzz
18. Little City Fires – Start Again
19. The Medics – Bloody Up Your Dress
20. David Benton – Still Kids
21. Liam The Younger – Country Wide
22. No Demons Here – Cradles
23. Brett Kozinn – unrequired
24. Cameron Wisch – New Egypt, New Jersey
25. Sirs – Starting at the Chin
26. Titus Andronicus – Titus Andronicus



Most of this music comes from:

Underwater Peoples
Wild Animal Kingdom
Cake Life Collective
American Buffalo
Dino Dad
Olde English Spelling Bee
Beast Reality

This is by no means all that New Jersey, or even all that Bergen County, has to offer. This is a brief sampling of an exciting music scene that happens to be almost literally in my backyard. Enjoy!

From North Of America Vol. 1

In Montréal, Procrastination Compilations on March 9, 2010 at 2:23 pm

So a few weeks ago I made a mixtape (mixcdr?) for a friend compiled from Montreal bands and a few who have members who are at or went to McGill. It seems appropriate that I post it here. I have entitled it “From North Of America Vol. 1” and it consists of 19 songs that serve as a good introduction to the Montreal/McGill music scene.

Artist – Song [Website]
1. Braids – Liver and Tan []
2. Postcards – Krayons []
3. Tonstartssbandht – Midnite Cobras []
4. The Pop Winds – In Harmony []
5. The Crown Vandals – Guenevere []
6. Silly Kissers – Halloween Summer []
7. Tonstartssbandht – Black Country []
8. Dirty Beaches – Low Rider []
9. Bent By Elephants – Mollie’s Song []
10. Omon Ra – Wilhelmson []
11. Homosexual Cops – I’m a Homosexual Cop []
12. Think About Life – Johanna []
13. Chef Brian – Promo 09.09 []
14. Coulees – Eat Apricots (Demo) []
15. The Hoof & The Heel – FIREWORKS []
16. Brave Radar – Brush Fire []
17. The Pop Winds – Elgin Stream []
18. Tonstartssbandht – Welsh Souper []
19. Braids – Lemonade []

DOWNLOAD this mix:

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