Our Friends

Sonic Suppliers!

CKUT Radio – CKUT is our favourite campus community free-form radio station. Listen online at or offline on the 90.3FM frequency in and around Montréal. Check out New Shit – Mondays at 3pm, The Montréal Sessions – Tuesdays at 3pm, and Folk Directions – Thursday at 9am. If you live and work in the MTL, it’s also worth tuning in every morning between 7am and 9am for a roundup of what’s going on around the Mountain.

Arbutus Records –  In their words “Arbutus Records begun with a group of friends and folk interested in art and music at the Montreal loft-space Lab Synthèse. The community feeling which was fostered there has continued to define the Montréal based label.” In our words – Arbutus need to stop providing us with such original, creative, and poppy acts like Blue Hawaii, Grimes, Silly Kissers and Tonstartssbandht if we’re ever going to stop procrastinating during the middle of the day. Jesus.

Cantor Records – Set up and run by the primary contributor to, Aaron Levin, this label exists mainly to re-issue forgotten classics from Canada’s future-thinking forgotten masters.

Underwater Peoples Records – Underwater Peoples are the leaders, and biggest celebrators, of a newly emerged New Jersey music scene. It is run by Ari, Brody, and Sawyer of Family Portrait. They’ve put out releases by Real Estate, Ducktails, Julian Lynch, Frat Dad, Andrew Cedermark, Family Portrait, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Pill Wonder, and two great compilations featuring many others. They are the home to even more great New Jersey musicians, including Fluffy Lumbers and Liam the Younger. They continue to be the go-to for music fans in and out of the great state of New Jersey.

Wild Animal Kingdom – Wild Animal Kingdom is a record label run by Dana Jewell that puts out a wide variety of pop gems on tapes and CDs, as well as a documentary on DVD. According to them, “Wild Animal Kingdom Records started in the Evergreen State College Greenery where Dana Jewell, and fellow student Peter Carlisle were eating dinner one night, when they thought to themselves, ‘we should start a record label!'” They’ve put out a series a great compilation tapes, a Monthly Mix-Tape Club, and releases by Julian Lynch, Pill Wonder, Liam the Younger, as well as founder Dana Jewell.

Wonder Beard Tapes – A vancouver based label providing us with dreamy-steamy pop anthems.

Blogosphere Buddies!

Weird Canada – A blog by the founder and owner of Cantor Records (see above). Invaluable for publishing and popularising many of the musical adventures taking place across Canada. Just get the word out.

Winnie Cooper – This Vancouver-based music blog has been helping to spread the word (and the love) for many great bands, Montreal or otherwise-based in Canada. Keep an eye on the blog, it’s consistently entertaining.

Ruby Scoops – The internet home of many a wildly lost distortion pedal. Fuzz to the pop here.

The Well Montreal – Fellow celebrator of the great Montreal music scene.  Always good stuff.

Dirty Gold– hip shit from Montréal , QC, to Berkeley, CA.

Whiskey Transfusion – Keeping us in the know on good things of all sorts.

Montréal Madness!

Montréal Burger – this blog-cum-wednesday morning show on CKUT (The Burger Report) focuses on everything that is good with the beef patty and it’s sister slices of bread.

Awesome Local Art & Culture Publications






Steps Magazine

The Veg

The Void


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