DWNLD: Horsepower Productions ‘In Fine Style’

In Album Reviews, Celebrate Your Scene, London and the UK on March 20, 2011 at 3:07 am

Sooo exams and work and life has been taking its tole on all of us here at Midday towers. Its been difficult to find the time to write anything meaningful etc etc. That said, I’m making it a goal for this busy period to upload entire albums to our Mediafire to help make the stress and the cigarettes of work bearable. The albums could come from anywhere in my library, could be new finds or old classics, who knows. The only thing uniting them is that they are albums I truly think are great and work well as albums. Ill also try and say a little about them. To start off – Horsepower Productions’ ‘In Fine Style’ (Tempa TEMPACD001, 2002).

‘In Fine Style’ has been called one of the first dubstep records. The first ever release on the now legendary Tempa label (which brought us early Skream, Benga and Hatcha) back in 2002, the album displays many of the early hallmarks of the genre. There’s the 140bpm, the slowed down ‘darker’ UKG sound, and of course, the sub bass.

The drum production on each song is INCREDIBLY tight, and slots alongside the early El-b stuff to my ears (I’ll post some El-b soon). The melodies all seem to be ripped straight of dub records; little ascending arpeggios and delayed organs play under broken up dub-MC vocals (check out the third track ‘Gorgon Sound’ to see what I mean).

Right. Enough trying to convey sounds with words. Download the album below and spin it the whole way through.

Click Here to Download

-Steve Eldon Kerr


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